Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Roll Tide Rug

I've been lusting after this houndstooth rug at the fabric store for months.  Finally, it hit me that it would be perfect in our bedroom.  So I took it out on approval, just so I could dream about it for a few days, then I would probably have to take it back. 
But I couldn't do it.  I just couldn't take it back.  It was a part of our home, now. 
So I scrounged up what's left of my birthday money, what's left of last months allowance, and all of this months allowance and bought it!  (Don't be fooled, it really wasn't all that pricey, but my allowance isn't much.)
*I strongly reccommend couples incorporating a no-questions-asked allowance into your budget.  Each person has a set amount they can spend on WHATEVER THEY WANT without feeling guilted by the other person.  Try it!  It'll save you a lot of fights over purchases.   
I think it really finishes the room. Okay, fine, let's be honest, it'll never be "finished"...but it really amps it up a notch!

BeiBei loves it too...
Chris and I graduated from the U. of Alabama, and we are bama fans.  So, I love that this little touch of houndstooth paired with the crimson-ish pillow references the U. of Alabama.  This rug is chic (I think!) but also fun and relevant to who we are! It's those subtle personal touches that really make a house a home, without sacrificing style. 

So the moral of the story is, you don't have to put THIS rug in our house to show your love for the Tide. 
I hope I've shown there are more subtle ways to symbolize love for your alma-mater. 

I think I'm in love.  Now, let's just hope no one walks on it. 


  1. Even thought the rug is UA it still looks good. We have allowance too and it is no questions asked. Works perfectly!

  2. Totally agree with your touch of Alabama pride without it being overbearing. I did something similar to our spare bathroom until our son wants to claim that it's his. :-)

    Here are links to my posts about our home:
    Bathroom Project

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  3. Allison, I can't access your links. Post the full url. :)

  4. Sassy,

    LOVE the rug!! It really stands out with out being too much. And the flowers you planted in your new planter are gorgeous. The colors are really unique. Your house is looking awesome.

    We have some new additions to the holby apt (yeah for one bedrooms!!) we bought a gorgeous table from pottery barn for 60% off the original price! It was a floor sample, and it seats 12 people (when you put the leaves in)! I've been looking at it for over a year, but figured we would never by a table that nice. The pottery barn store in georgetown closed so it sold all floor samples for 60% off! We also got a that had been hanging in the store. First rug and table purchase. One point for the Holby's

  5. Where did you find this rug? I love it and want one for our office in our Bama basement! Roll Tide
    Please email me

  6. You say you found this rug at a fabric store. Do you mind telling me which one? I hope it is a chain store. I've been looking for one just like this!

  7. It's made by surya! Thanks for checking in. -Sara



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