Monday, September 27, 2010

Havin' a Cow.

I brought a friend from work home to play.

Meet cow.

Should I "have a cow" in my dining room?

Or should I "have a cow" in our study?

It probably looks better in our study...but I love seeing the cow when you walk in the front door.
(sorry this pic is blurry)

But our dining room might be a little too "sweet" for the cow...I'm still undecided.

Anyway, for now I'm just liking the idea of having a cow...somewhere.

And wouldn't this be fun in a boys room!?  (... maybe one day)


  1. Sara, i love it in the dining room. i like the juxtaposition of sweet and rustic(?). would you call a cow rustic, i don't know. but to me it gives the room an edge where in the study it looks a little crammed. (but still looks good) also, i love that the cow has room to breathe in the dining room. a cow rug does justice to almost any room, though. your place is beautiful!

  2. My vote is the study! GREAT RUG!!!

  3. Oh I LOVE the cow! My vote is for the study, but I would feel the same way about wanting to see it as soon as I walked in :)

  4. well, you know how my cow experiment went (did NOT work...)...I like in the study. they just smell so LEATHERY!

  5. Sara
    Try the cow(s) in your den and move the kelim to your dining room. Then your color will be balanced and feminine and the cows will give you more coverage in your den.



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