Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Decorating a Room from Scratch: Part 3

Some things are starting to come together since I left D.C.
( see Part 1 )
( see Part 2 )

The pair of chairs were delivered...

The sofa came in, and it looks great flanked by the lamps we found!

The pie safe I found in Birmingham was delivered and will be great in her dining room!

 I love this mirror over the fireplace.  It's a little tall...but I think it looks cool overlapping the trim.

Still gotta get rid of that painful light fixture.  That big armoire has now been sold via Craigslist...yay!

New paint color.  The doors will be painted the color of the mantle.

We are still waiting on...
The rug to come in
Removing the light in the middle of the room
draperies & pillows
bamboo blinds
tv console
dining area table, chairs, buffet server, chandelier
art & accessories!

These are the fabrics...
(sofa, chairs, drapery, ottomans, pillows)

I put together this image to help myself visualize how it will all come together...

Can't wait to see as it continues to unfold...

Thanks for checkin' in!

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