Monday, September 26, 2011

The Stripe Type

I'm very late posting this, but I got super motivated over Memorial Day weekend and striped up our little hallway!  

I love stripes and had thought for a long time that I wanted to do stripes somewhere in our house, maybe a bedroom.   For some reason, I had never thought of our hallway until I went to, my sister, Emily's house and saw what she had done in a little hallway in her house.  She is super crafty and did this with stamps!

A few step-by-step pics...


I decided on 6" stripes.  I figured that was going to leave the least amount of awkward leftover space.  At the very top, there is about 7-8" inches of wall color.  In a small hallway like this people are looking down a lot more than they are looking up, so I started my stripes at the baseboards and left the extra space for the top.  It's not noticeable to me at all now.  

First, I taped out my lines, finding a happy medium between truly level and what looked right to my eye.  Our house is old and un-level, and I often find what looks right to my eye is the better guide.  Something can be "level" but if it's not parallel with the baseboards and's not gonna look right.  Also, a note for dummies...the stripes should continue straight through doorways and come out the same color on the other side.  

Next, I painted over my tape with the wall-color, Benjamin Moore Coastal Fog, to prevent my accent stripe color from bleeding.  

Then, I painted my second color, which is my trim color- Benjamin Moore Sandy Hook Gray.  But, before painting the second color, I put Xs on the stripes that would be painted to make sure they would work out right and not leave me with too much tone-on-tone trim/stripe action.  However, a little of this was inevitable.  I also did this to prevent dumb mistakes...which are always a strong possibility. 

Then, I let it sit for about 6 hours, peeled away the tape, and VOILA!

All I can say is...I'm glad I did this hallway and not a bedroom cause it was TEDIOUS and time consuming!

Thanks for checking in!



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