Friday, January 22, 2010


I'm writing this post from the Denver airport.  Exhausted!
Chris and I went skiing with our friends John and Elise.  John and Elise moved to Chicago in September and so it was great to spend a long weekend skiing and catching up with them.
We ski'd our little hearts out this week...okay, fine...Chris, John, and Elise ski'd their hearts out.  I held on for dear life.  Ya know, I just can't seem to get the hang of this skiing thing.  I've been three times now, and it seems every trip I start and finish the same.  I start out a little scared on the greens, butt-sliding down the icy blues ( should try it, it's like sledding).  Then I leave feeling "pretty good" on the blues.  But I can't seem to move past this chapter of my "ski-life".  Poor Chris, he loves to ski and I think he so wishes that I could keep up with him better.  But he is super patient and understanding with me and is great at helping me with my skills.  Maybe one day....

In other news, we did have nearly have a "rumble" at the hot tub which was swarmed by Fiji frat guys (and the dates) on their annual "skiji" weekend.  There were two hot tubs with a total of about 40 people between the two of them.  We sat "patiently" with our feet dipped in the shallow end of the indoor pool, cutting holes through their backs with our stares.  We thought a few of them were beginning to filter out....then Oh no, they just went to get a very large cooler to keep the party going.  When they propped open the door (breaking it off the hinges in the process) letting in 30 degree weather while we were pitifully waiting for the hot-tub in our nickers...that's when it got ugly.
You better believe it...we showed them.  We just got right up and left!  (......hey, we were a little out numbered.)  We out to dinner first then returned to the hot-tub after the party had re-located.  This became our nightly routine.

Anyway, here are the pics...

Don't we look serious...

The kung-foo long john kids...

Chris's sister just moved to Denver 3 weeks ago, so it was a great chance for us to see her after our ski weekend!

Airport.  Even though we were going different places, we coincidentally ended up on the same connecting flight.
Just when we thought we'd gotten ride of them!  (just kidding)

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