Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas in Mississippi

Chris and I were lucky to have his family (from Greenville, MS) come visit us over Christmas weekend. So we went to Greenville a few weeks before Christmas for our "holiday visit".  It was a fun relaxing weekend.  

You must know, "The Delta"  (the Mississippi Delta...duh) is a place like no other.  Just ask anyone from there, and they'll tell you proudly.  It's a place where whiskey flows freely.  Huntin', fishin', and farmin' are king.  Every real man drives a truck.  Men and women kiss each other on the lips just to say "Hello".  (In fact...Chris's grandmother kissed me on the lips before Chris did!)  This may sound like a description fitting to any small town....but, well, you just have to go there to experience it.

Here are some pics from dinner at "Momma's Bait Shop", one of our favorite new dinner spots.  Momma's got started by a man named Beadie who would cook dinner at his gas station on the weekends for some of his friends after they left huntin' camp.  The word got out, until he just opened it up to the public.  Eating here is a fun, unique experience.  Just don't be in a's an all night event.  Everyone brings their own alcohol, or just buys it right their from Beadie's store.  At Momma's drinkin alcohol from the gas station is on the honor system "Just keep your caps and pay at the door".
We went to dinner to celebrate Chris's younger brother, Reynolds's 18th birthday.
Here's the entrance to the bait shop.

Here's our crew around the table.

Chris's dad, Bill, and the owner, Beadie.

The sweetest grandparents!

The Walker Men.

Me and my buddy.

Here's the first attempt at the Walkers' Christmas card.  I don't have the picture that was chosen.
Sorry, Reynolds...I'm covering your face in this one!

Check out our friend's blog about Doe's, which is another awesome restaurant in the Delta.

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