Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Money Pit- Crown Moulding

While I was running the painting operation, Chris was running the crown moulding operation.

Along with scraping the ceilings we knew that crown moulding would dramatically improve the look of our house as well as increase the appeal for future buyers.

Luckily, Chris and his dad had previously attempted to put crown moulding in one room of a house in college.  They pretty much botched it and probably de-valued the house...yikes.  So now, they felt like professionals.  But really, they had already made every classic mistake in the book and so this go round they felt pretty confident and got through it without any major mistakes (along with the help of our friends "Saint Alex", "Saint David", and another saint of a friend- "Saint Andrew").

One of the most trying parts of adding crown moulding to our house, was getting it from Home Depot back to our house.  We thought Home Depot had better prices on the crown moulding we wanted (but we were actually wrong and it was about the same).  But we were already there, so instead of purchasing from Lowe's right around the corner, we ended up at Home Depot which was about 15 miles away.

We made the trek over to Home Depot in Chris's Dad's truck.  We couldn't wait to purchase the gorgeous dental moulding we'd been planning for our home long before we even purchased it.  Boy did we feel silly when we realized how expensive it is!!!  So we got the standard crown moulding, which was fine, because dental moulding would probably be a little fancy and presumptuous for our little house anyway.

Dental Moulding...
What we got...
So, we went to Home Depot 15 miles away and all we had was Chris's dad's truck to transport 12 ft. long crown moulding.  One end of the crown moulding was in the bed of the truck, while the rest was extending forward over the top of the hood of the truck and some how strapped down with bungie cords and chris and his dad each had a had out the window holding on tight.  Right out of Home Depot, we had to descend down a long hill (for about 7 miles).  On the down hill, the wind was really whipping through the crown moulding and causing it to bend backwards.  It was really scary, and then before we knew it....CRACK!  We lost half of one.  It flew back into traffic.  I screamed and my heart could have shattered someone's windshield and/or caused someone to run off the road.  Luckily, everyone was able to avoid it!  I've never been so ready to make it home after that.  I was terrified we were going to lose more.
But we made it home without anymore problems.  I don't know what the moral of the story is.  Should we have rented some sort of flat bed truck just to go buy crown moulding!?!  geez.

Here are the before and afters for the crown moulding.  We put crown moulding in every room except the little hallway and the kitchen (our cabinets go up to the ceiling).  Sorry I don't have better pictures.  

Living Room...

Bedroom Example...

A few tips:
- Paint walls and ceilings before putting up crown moulding.  You don't have to trim out corners perfectly, because the crown will cover most of it.  
- Lay the moulding strips across a couple of card tables and paint moulding outside BEFORE cutting or putting them up.  The sun will help dry them and it's so much easier to paint when it's not above you head.
(If you follow the above two steps, you won't have to do as much touch up painting later.)
- After hanging, don't forget to caulk up all the nail holes and caulk above and below each piece.  (Don't wait to do this after you move in, like us!  It's such a pain to go back and have to stand on top of furniture to caulk!)
- Because of this caulking step, I can see why many people paint their ceilings white and their crown moulding white...much less touching up to do when you use white caulk.  (I, on the other hand, painted my ceilings a beigey white and my crown moulding is I'll be caulking and touching up paint probably up until the day we sell the house!)
- To touch up after caulking, use a taping knife (mentioned in the painting post) to keep from doing more damage.  

BTW...I love woodwork!  I have hope and dreams of adding even more woodwork in our house.  It already has heavy craftsman style woodwork, and I love it.  I'm thinking of a recessed panel wainscote in the dining room...hmmm, and beadboard ceiling and walls in the kitchen...ahh.    

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  1. Glad we found your blog! I feel like our house is a money pit too, but we love it! The house, not the spending that goes with it. Hope y'all are doing well.

  2. Hi Sara--I'm Lacey (Kate Clinton's friend from work). Kate and I love the blogs, I'm sure you know!

    My fiance, John, and I had brand new furniture for our sunroom fly out of the back of a truck on Columbiana Rd., so don't feel too bad! It got pretty intense, and the 2 chairs were bent...we fixed them tho and no one was harmed!

    Love your blog!




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