Tuesday, March 2, 2010

3 States and a Dog!

After a long multi-part journey...We got her!
I had a dance competition in Atlanta this weekend, so Chris and I left Birmingham friday evening and drove to Anniston to see his grandmother (and his mom was visiting her too).  We spent the night there, and then went on to Atlanta on Saturday morning, making a stop at PetSmart, Wal-mart (for price comparison purposes) and drum roll...IKEA!  Saturday afternoon we went to the dance competition, spent the night and then got up early to drive to Lascassas, TN (outside of Murphesboro).  We picked up our pup and headed back to Birmingham.  Total Driving time:  estimated 9 hours and 43 minutes!

Here are some pics from picking up the dog...
(We got the lighter girl, by the way.  We fell in love with her from the pictures, and so we were pretty sure before we even got there we would want her)
Chris with Hope, the seller.
She's a cutie...
This is Violet, the momma dog.  She is a "petite" golden retriever.  We were so happy to see how small she was, since we are hoping for a smaller dog.  The poodle dad is two pounds smaller than her.
Proud Puppy Parents...
One last playful goodbye with Momma Dog.  

Then we loaded up in the car to take her home.  She was very shy and timid at first, but she was all about cuddling.  She wasn't very playful at all on the ride home.  She just wanted to be held and petted.  (Chris says, that's only because I DID hold and pet her for 3 straight hours!  But my maternal instincts tell me that's what she needed!)  I could tell she was nervous because she was panting and would pant even faster if anything startled her.  

I think that a lot of puppies would have wanted to explore the whole car and would have been trying to get out of my lap, but she was so content to sit with me for the whole ride!  This was great for our bonding experience.  I think it shows that she is definitely pretty calm. I am pretty much obsessed with her now!
She kept climbing up me and trying to get her face on my shoulder...
She finally fell asleep like this after a belly rub...
We named her "BeiBei" (pronounced like "bay-bay") after getting to know her for a 24 hours.  BeiBei is a little town in East Asia where Chris spent a summer in college.  It has a very special place in his heart.  He has returned there three times since, and he took me the last time.  We both love it so much there.  We hope we can go there again soon and may even considering living there one day!  It is close to our hearts, and so our pup is a little walking reminder of a place we love and a reminder to pray for the local people and our friends that live there.  I wish I could share pictures from our trip to BeiBei, but I don't have any because lost my camera (and my wallet, and passport) after leaving Bei Bei to go to another city (that's another story!).
We'll probably call her "Bei" for short.      

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  1. omg sara, this is the sweetest thing i have ever seen! being a parent to a sweet nugget is so rewarding. maybe she miller can become boyfriend and girlfriend?!?!?



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