Thursday, August 19, 2010


I LOVE hand-me-downs.

A good friend of mine was so sweet to hand me down a kilim rug she's not using anymore!

The rug used to be in her bathroom...and now makes its home in our living room!
As you might guess, her house is just a "little" bit bigger than ours!

Anyone else out there have rugs from their bathrooms they want to pass down to decorate the rest of my house with???  Doormats?  We could use your old placemats for our bathroom!

I'm very excited, because although our other rug was great, it didn't go with our colors as well as this one does.  It was also too big, so I had half of it stuffed underneath the couch.  My sister generously gave/loaned it to us, and it was great to have it!  But now, I'm glad to have a replacement for it so that she could use it in her house again!  (I think she's looking forward to being reunited with it!)



It's probably a touch too small, but it will certainly do!

In other news...
My Mom picked up this chair for us at a garage sale...
 And we're getting it recovered in this...
It should be fun!  It'll be ready in about two more weeks.  It will replace the ratty old white chair in the corner.  It is a little smaller, and I think it will fit better in that spot.  I can't wait!  
I got the little stool at Garden Ridge to go with the new chair.  I will probably slip-cover the stool in a mis-matched fabric.  Having a smaller ottoman is really opening up the space.  It is a little crowded in that corner!    

Thanks for reading!

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