Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Weekend's Visit & A Weekend's Work

Chris's family came to town this weekend to visit and pick up a new car for his little brother, Reynolds.
Reynold's was pumped about his new car and a good time was had by all!  It was fun to have the Walkers in town and have them stay with us, even though I'm sure they were a little crowded in our little house.
Have fun with your new car at UA Reynolds!  Roll Tide!

Chris's dad helped him install a garbage disposal in our sink!  It was my belated b'day present, and I am so excited.  Our kitchen did not previously have one, and it drove me crazy.  I know plenty of people survive without them...but they must be better housekeepers than me....because our sink was always yuck!

While the men worked on the disposal, I was busy working on stage 2 of my house painting project.  It's still not finished and perfect, but here's another sneak peek.

 Stage 1:
 Stage 2:

There's still a little more touching up to do, and then I'll rehang the shutters and post the full pics!
So far, I think it's definitely an improvement for $0!

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