Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The secret study...

I've never really blogged about our study, because it's such a hodge-podge.
Lately, I've put a little more effort into it and it's shaping up a little bit, but definitely not my favorite room.
I guess it's time I take this room out of hiding and show it on the blog...
I'd like a smaller desk with drawers (without the tower) that could later move into the guest room as a bedside table/desk combo.
This desk creates a real storage problem!  And, it's so traditional, for my taste...although I did pick it out once upon a time.  

I painted the legs on the desk chair, just to spice it up a little.

I had fun painting this elephant lamp this peachy-pink color.  It used to be black.  I think it has a lot more personality now! 
I need a different color shade for it, but I haven't found the right one yet.

I'm glad to get this hand-me-down kilim rug from my mom- by way of my sister, Emily, who no longer had a spot for it.  

Even though, per this post, I know some of you voted for my to put my cowhide in this room.  Which, I agree, looked great.  But this is my leftover room...the other rooms in my house get priority for all things fabulous.  So the cow ended up in the living room.  

I recommend color coordinating your made a big difference in this bookshelf.

This is my favorite vignette in the room!
I bought the shelves unfinished and stained them myself.  
My sister found the two little egg shaped lamps at a garage sale.  I need different shades for these as well.    (You can't tell from the pic, but the bases are cream and the shades are stark white)
I coiled some rope up in this wooden charger for a little interest.  

The chest was a hand-me-down from my Mom's friend.  I love it!  The drawers need some work though!

I'm embarassed to show, this "vignette" looked like this for months...
It's aweful, I know.  I couldn't look when I walked by.  I was waiting around for new lamps, and thinking I would either bribe my sister to paint me something big or try to do it myself.  
I was glad when I thought to put shelves here, because it saved money on artwork, and I didn't have to buy two big lamps.  

Now, erase that from your memory and go back to this...
Ahhh, much better right?

Thanks for checkin' in.



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