Monday, March 28, 2011

Virtual Client- A Kitchen & Breakfast Area Spruce Up!

I was honored and excited when a blog reader from Mississippi contacted me for help with her kitchen and breakfast area.

She and her husband built their house a few years ago, and she was feeling that this part of her home was just blah.

She's a new mom, and so I wanted to help her make her space beautiful, relaxing, and practical...on a budget!

Here are a couple of the pictures she sent me...

The client loved the Southern Living Taylor Creek Idea House and has used it as her inspiration for many parts of her house.  So, I used the Taylor Creek House kitchen to give us some direction for where to take her kitchen.

(Sorry for the blurry picture)

For her kitchen I recommended:

- Paint the cabinets.  
If you want wood colored cabinets, I would suggest going very dark, like a dark walnut or coffee color, or going with a light pickled or white-washed look instead of a medium tone

- Replace the barstools (which she was hoping to do anyway).

- Replace the pendant lights.

- De-clutter above the cabinets and on the countertops.
Custom cabinets, which are preferred, go all the way to the ceiling.  To mimic the look of custom cabinetry,  you don't want the eye to be drawn to the gap between the cabinets and ceiling.  If your cabinets don't go all the way to the ceiling, you can use this space as storage with inconspicuous baskets instead of display.  

- Spray paint the black refrigerator with stainless-steel look appliance spray paint.

- Add a colorful rug to make the space feel homey, and give some cushion for her baby to play.

- Add bamboo blinds to the window

For her breakfast area I recommended:

- Remove the tv cabinet and invest in a small flat screen to tuck in the corner of the kitchen countertop (nearest the breakfast area).

- Line up the breakfast table parallel with the wall of windows on the left.  

- Add ceiling height white curtains to dress the windows, along with bamboo shades for each window, mounted just below the curtain rod.  
Always, always, always use floor to ceiling curtains!

- Add a colorful patterned rug

- Get an old long bench or church pew to push against the wall under the windows on the left.  Dress it with comfy pillows in an indoor outdoor fabric, and pull the table up to the bench like a banquet.  

So here's the look:
Here's the run-down...

1.  School house pendant lights.  She will need 3 of these over her peninsula, and 1 over her sink.  

2.   A very inexpensive indoor outdoor fabric for pillows for her breakfast area banquet.  I wanted something she could wash and/or wipe off when her baby (or husband) spill something.

3.  A Dash and Albert rug indoor/outdoor rug in Gunnison.  She can hose it off if something gets spilled!

4.  We're on the hunt for the perfect old church pew!

5.  Ikea has several options for simple white curtains in long lengths.  The downfall can't order online.  

6.  Bamboo shades cozy up any space, in my opinion!  These are from Lowe's.  

7.  Another indoor/outdoor rug from Dash and Albert in Diamond Slate/Blue.  

8.  I suggested painting her cabinets a warm grey color like "Mourning Dove" by Martha Stewart.  Her walls are already Starched Linen (by ??)

9.  These hip and easy to wipe down bar stools are inexpensive from the Home Decorator Collection.  

10.  Freshly painted cabinets are yummy.


I can't wait to see the finished product!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Sara Walker Designs- It's official!

If you're in our around Birmingham, AL contact me for help making your home a home.  
For the out-of-towners, I can help you too, via photos, email, & online shopping.  

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A room I'd actually like to dine in!

We hung my grandmother's chandelier!  Finally!
I've been hating our chandelier since the day we moved in, so I'm so glad to finally get up something that I love!



Also in the name of being less prissy in our dining room, I removed the cafe curtains from the windows...



I also added in a few more antlers.  I probably have too many antlers in our house, but my husband loves to hunt so we have tons of them.  They're free and such an easy way to add a natural, rustic element to a room.  

The bad news is, this window is directly across from our bathroom, and so I'm trying to figure out how to add back in a little privacy.  I'm deciding between bamboo shades or some sort of gauzy pocket panel cafe curtains gathered on upper and lower rods...not sure what the word for that is.

I'm finally happy with our dining room!  (At least for today.)

Thanks Grandma (actually, "Grandmother" as she was called)!




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