Monday, July 18, 2011


When I'm decorating for my clients, my favorite part is putting together fabric stories!  I guess this is a nod to my degree in Apparel Design.

The client already had curtains out of the pink floral fabric for her little girl's room.  I picked out these two complimentary fabrics to break up all the pink.

We are talking about using the pink floral for drapery and bedskirts and pillow shams.  The green dot would be a duvet cover and additional sham with the solid green linen as a ruffle trim.  

Isn't it fun?

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Room of Many Rugs

I've tried a few different rugs in our living room, before finally settling on something I'm happy with (for now).  

But, I'll go back to the beginning.
First there was a borrowed young Kilim rug.  The colors were too strong to go with my color palette.  

Then, I had this gorgeous antique kilim, which went great the floral curtains.  This lives in my dining room now, which is directly adjacent to the living room.  

Then for a funkier flair, I went for this cowhide.  I love it, but it left a lot of bare floor.  Bare floor= not so cozy.  

Now, I've been loving this combination!  It's a hemp natural rug layered underneath my cowhide.  This gives me the coverage that we need to make the room cozy.  It keeps my dog from scratching up the floors, and will help keep us warmer in the winter.  This hemp rug is more cleanable than a sisal or seagrass because it does not have a latex backing.  

Rugs can totally change the feel of the room!  

All of the rugs, except for the first red kilim, are from Paige Albright Orientals in Mountain Brook, AL!  

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Our Furry House Guest

This little "mini Bei Bei" is staying with us for a month, while his "mommy" is out of town!  He's my sister, Kate's mini-goldendoodle puppy!  His name is Barnabas.  (I know, what's with our family and crazy dog names!)  He's about 4 months old and he and Bei are quickly becoming BFFs!  They play non-stop and he follows Bei's lead on all the training cues.
I wonder if two dogs are in our future???


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