Saturday, December 12, 2009

Aside: Meet our neices and nephews

As the story goes, my parents were living happily with their 3 daughters.  Liz was 12, Emily 10, and Kate 9.  They were anxiously awaiting the graduation of their three girls from elementary school to junior high.  Their sights were set on the day when the girls would learn to drive and they would practically be home free.  Yes, dreams of early retirement in Destin--days filled with golf, tennis, and baking in the sun occupied their thoughts.  The good life was not far from atainment.  When....dum dum dum.  They got the news.  Sara Lynn, age 42, was pregnant with a bouncing baby girl....ME.  "The caboose", "The woopsie baby", "the surprise"...only a few of the names by which I have been called.  Nonetheless, they took a deep breath, and started chapter 2 with just one more girl.
I grew absolute joy and blessing to all who knew me!  (Just kidding...spoken by a true "baby child", right?)  My sisters went on to college at Ole Miss.  There, Liz met her husband Brett. They have now been married about 12 years and have 3 blonde kids (8, 6, 4).  Emily met Paul there and 10 years later they have 3 kids as well (6, 4, 3).  Kate is single and has an amazing personal ministry in Birmingham and through frequent mission trips to spanish speaking countries in South America.
There is actually a point to this lengthy aside about my family tree.  I just had to show these adorable pictures of the six little ones taken earlier this week!  I thought I'd give a little background as to why it is exactly that at age 23 & 25 we have 6 nieces and nephews!

 (from left:  Beau G., Banks L., Bess L., Amelia G., Maddie G., Fox L.)

As a bonus, here's a few pics of the whole family from our wedding...

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