Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mountain Getaway

We had a blast this past weekend with some old friends.  We went up to Chris's grandmother's mountain house near Ashville, NC.  It was great to relax and be with friends.  As much as I love the beach, when I'm at the beach I feel pressure to be by the water and in the sun.  And sometimes sitting in 90 degree weather, remembering to flip and reapply sunscreen...can feel like a lot of work, when I'd rather be inside in my pjs.  It was nice to be in the mountains, and not really have pressure to do...anything at all.  We slept in, lazied around the house, rode around on the golf cart, and did some afternoon trail/creek walking.  The boys played golf one day, and we went into town one night for dinner.  It was fun...thanks Gannons and Clintons for joining us!
Of course, we took BeiBei with us, and she had a blast!  She frolicked in the creeks, hiked up the waterfall, and generally just LOVED being around 6 people at once...even though one of them is a dawg-hater.    
 The girls stayed behind and watched while the guys and dog hiked the falls.  
The mountain house is basically right on the golf course, and so it was fun for the girls to catch up with the guys for a golf cart ride on the last few holes.  
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