Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oh, What You Can do with Spray Paint!

Here are were our dining room chairs.
They were my grandmother's and are beautiful antique chairs, but they were very rickety and probably better suited in a formal-ish dining room one day instead of bearing our daily use.  
My parents had 6 of these chairs in storage from their old lake house...
I wanted chairs something like this...

So I spray painted these chairs for a more contemporary feel...

In they went, and I was instantly so excited about the results!  They also serve to tie in the center of the room with the wall color.  

What I should have done:  Lightly sanded the chairs, primed them, and then brush painted them with semi-gloss metallic silver paint.
Why I didn't:  A gallon of metallic paint is around $75 (at Lowe's) and you have to buy it by the gallon!  And I think you have to buy the base color separately.
So I just:  Spray painted them with metallic spray paint.
How it's workin' out:  Pretty good, they have chipped a bit on the seats, but it'll be super easy to just drag them out to the yard once in a while and spray them again!
I guess I could have:  At least, primed them with a spray primer before spraying them silver.
But then:  It would have probably been an extra day or two before I could see the results, and that was NOT an option.
Would I do it this way again:  Yes!!!  Besides the intense finger cramp after 6 chairs, it was pretty painless and cheap!


  1. Love the new layout! Who did it? I've always wanted to figure out how to put the buttons up top like that?!

  2. Thanks! It's a work in progress. I did it myself. :)
    To put tabs at the top, go to "Edit Pages" under the "Posting" area. Then, it will ask you if you want to display them as tabs or as a side bar, choose tabs!

  3. Sorry for the 19 million comments, but your blog is great. Those chairs are awesome. When I was in college in our design studio class there was a wood chair that was painted like that 30 years ago and it still looked great. It had a great patina, maybe yours will too.



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