Thursday, May 20, 2010

Old Shutters make an Easy Headboard

My sister, Emily, was putting new shutters on her house and had these old ones leftover.  The shutters were painted, but these are the backs, which are naturally weathered and distressed.  

We desperately needed a headboard for our bed, since our bed is in front of a window.  We couldn't sit up in bed without risking pulling down our blinds.  So, we knew Emily's shutters would be a cheap and aesthetically pleasing option (and much less work than my other idea to build an upholstered headboard).   

All we needed were the four shutters and two 2x4s.  
- We measured the width of the all the shutters put together.
- We cut the 2x4s to this length.
- Chris nailed the 2x4s in the back a few inches from the top and bottom edges of the shutters to keep them all together.  
- The shutters were the perfect height for our bed, so we just propped them between our bed and the window.  
The width of the shutters is actually a few inches narrower than our queen size bed, but it's hardly noticeable once its all setup.  

Our bed before:
Our Bed after: (along with a few other improvements)
I think it's fitting that we have shutters covering a window.  :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. Sooooo cute, Sara!!! You are so talented- I love that you still see a good bit of the window+light over the top of the shutter-headboard! It was fun hanging out last night, too!

  2. This is so cute! Did you paint the shutters?

  3. No, that is how the wood was naturally distressed on the back of the shutters. They may have been painted white at some point, but I don't know!



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