Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Making it feel like HOME: Our Bedroom

Our bedroom went from this...
To this...(smooth ceilingspaintcrown moulding)
Wall color is Benjamin Moore Coastal Fog 976, Trim is Benjamin Moore Sandy Hook Gray HC 108, Ceiling is Benjamin Moore Tapestry Beige OC-32, Window trim is Benjamin Moore Knoxville Gray HC160, doors are Benjamin Moore Kingsport Gray HC-86.  
To this...(refinished floors)
Floors are stained High Gloss Dark Walnut.
 To this...
And finally, to this...
We built our headboard out of some old distressed shutters from my sister's house.  I'll post more on that later.
I love incorporating Chris's woodsy paraphernalia into the mix, like this dear skull, which actually really ties in all the creams and whites in the room.
I joined two bamboo poles, to make these extra long curtain rods, and got our curtains at IKEA.
On the left, are some antique ceiling tiles that my funky-junky sister found on the side of the road.  Way to Go, Liz, and thanks for sharing!  They were the inspiration for the blue gray and rusty red color accents in the room.  
Throw pillow is from Target.  Our bedding is from Macy's.  I think it's Hotel Collection.  
Lamps and chest are straight out of the local thrift store...all on the same day!  I freaked when I saw this chest, I wouldn't leave it's side til it was in my car.  I found each lamp on opposite sides of the thrift store, who knows if they were meant to be a pair.  They are slightly different from one another...which is even better.  I replaced the dirty white bell shades with these black drum shades.  
Sometimes it's all about function.  I hang my necklaces on these key hooks to keep them from getting tangled.  
The rest of my jewelry is stashed in this thrift/antique jewelry box and this Sally Legg bowl, that I love.
Since my husband does in fact share this room with me, he will soon be replacing my pretty little mirror with a mounted TV.  :(.  Oh well, you pick you're battles.  
Don't worry, this mirror will definitely find another home in our home.    
A BeiBei's eye view.  
I made this bedskirt out of burlap (idea from NestEgg), which I'll post on later.  However, you unfortunately can't see it in these pictures, because it's covered up by our massive comforter.  When I purchased this duvet cover, as a newlywed, someone assured me that we would quickly out grow our queen size bed, and so I should go ahead and get the King size duvet comforter.  It sounded like a plan at the time, and it seemed like it would be extra cozy and we wouldn't have to fight over covers.  
However, I just have to say, I won't be passing on this advice for a few reasons:  
...We actually love our queen size bed, and don't foresee upgrading in the near future.
...Because of the size and weight of this king size comforter it's always falling off during the night.
...It covers up our pretty bedskirt! 
...Visually, it drags the bed down. 
So, just don't try that one at home. 
But I do recommend putting your bed on risers.  It gives a ton of extra storage underneath, and an overall "grander" look!  But be prepared to make your own or pay more $ for an extra long bedskirt.

Here's the Recap...
(BTW, please TRY to ignore the terrible fan light kit that has not yet been addressed.)

Thanks for reading, I hope you like it!
Leave a comment...please.


  1. I love it Sara! What a beautiful room!

  2. loves it.

    erin and i went on a walk today and found this REALLY cool old couch on the side of the road. it was ruined with cat scratches all over the sides and top, but it was covered in an awesome bold, geometric fabric from the 70s. SO in the veil of night, we snuck over there armed with scissors and now have enough material to make...well...SOMETHING. if you were here i know you'd have an idea. you're just so dern creative and CRAFTY!

  3. Hey, I just found your blog through Scott. I love it! I miss the days when I focused on decorating our house. I was no where near as good as you, though. You have an amazing eye for great pieces and ideas. I'm so jealous! I can't wait to see what else you do. You should really be putting these ideas in a magazine.

  4. sara! i LOVE LOVE LOVE everything! your style is so unique, yet so perfect!!! LOVE that bowl and the chest, those are my two favorite pieces! and i cannot wait to see how you made that incredible head board! i am going to forward this blog to some of my newlywed friends for inspiration if you dont mind!!

  5. Hiii!! Remember how I once said you can judge a person by the way they decorate their house?? Well, you are one cool girl...except I already knew that. Every room in the place is fantastic. I can't wait to visit y'all and just wander around your house, oohing and ahhing....

  6. Thank you all!! It's so encouraging to get good responses!

  7. "Ann"...it's super easy to make pillows out of your fabric. You buy the pillow forms at a fabric store, then you just have to know how to sew straight lines!

  8. Sara, you have done an incredible job with your house!! So unique and so inspiring! Thanks for sharing all of the pictures-I love reading your blog!!

  9. I think your bedroom might be my favorite room so far! Although I LOVE the hats on the wall. You've done a great job!

  10. I love those side chests. I've been stalking the thrift stores for years but have never gotten lucky enough to find some. I would love to replace our night stands. I made our duvet cover and it is bigger than the insert so I just sewed a seam inside to make it smaller. That way if I ever want to make it larger all I have to do is rip the seam out. May work for you.

  11. LOVE The shutters...exactly what I want to do.



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