Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Styling our Bookshelves

We have a built in bookshelves in our living room.
It started out as the place where I stashed all the accessories that I didn't have a place for, Yikes.
Then I read a post from Nest Egg and learned a few things about how to style bookshelves.
There are lots of great tips in that post, but the a few points I really took to heart were...
Bookshelves should have...BOOKS!
Pull everything to the front, don't push to the back.
Organize your books in all different directions.
Be conscious of the colors you're putting together.

So I scoured our house for some pretty books.  Only to find, we DONT HAVE ANY!
Exhibit A (the bookcase in our office)...
Books yes, pretty no.

I've never understood why people spend the extra money on hardback books, until now.  Our paperback books aren't pretty enough to display!

So, I went to my parents house with a purpose...STEAL SOME BOOKS.  You see my parents are a little bit pack-rat-ish.  So they have lots of they usually don't even notice if I "borrow" a few things.

In the entryway to their house, I had walked by them a million times and NEVER even noticed an amazing collection of old hardback books.

So, I filled up a box full of a few of my favorites.  They have the most beautiful covers and wacky titles.

It seemed like plenty at the time, but here's where one box got me...
Not too far. 
So I went back and got three more boxes, and here are the results...
Aaaaah, much better.  

Now, I have to show some close ups of these amazing books!  The covers are so cool and I love all the titles.  If you love old things, this will be some major eye candy.  
If you don't...consider this post over NOW.    

I'm obsessed.  I'm going to keep rotating which books face out so I can display all these gorgeous covers!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Looks very nice! I also never thought about hardback vs paperback and displaying them! Very interesting!

  2. I love all your books! We have a lot of shelves in our house, so this has given me some good ideas! I also love how you did your living room and kitchen. They look great!



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