Tuesday, April 13, 2010

They grow up so fast...

Our goldendoodle puppy, BeiBei, is getting so big!  We got her February 28th.  Here are a few pictures from then until now.  

Here she is as just a little tike, taking a potty break on the way home from the hospital place where we bought her. (Feb 28)

Then she grew up, just a little...(March 10)

Now just look at her!  She's getting all growed up!
 (April 11)
Here with a sunkist can for scale...
(I'm a nerd I know)
Is she the cutest dog, or what?
She's 23 lbs now (went to vet today), and she's almost 3 1/2 months old.  The vet says whatever a dog's weight is at 4 months is usually about half their size full grown.  She we are expecting about a 50lb dog.  Some goldendoodles can be close to 100lbs, so we are glad she's a small one! 
She's getting so fluffy.  She is so snuggly, but loves to play too.  She plays with Chris and snuggles with me.  She gets so frustrated she can't fit in my lap in my lap anymore.  Every time she slides off my lap, so climbs back up.
She knows sit, stay, come, drop it, and off.  She's learning fetch, but doesn't have the hang of it completely yet.  She still has a little separation anxiety, but it is SO much better.  We are working with her on not jumping up on people or objects.  She's getting a lot better with it.  
She's not doing it as much anymore, but it's taking us a while to get her to stop nipping us and our clothes for play.  I read that, whenever she nips you you should squeal "Ow!", and then leave the room.  This is what puppies do when their playing with each other.  If one dog plays too rough, the other will squeal and walk away.  I have been doing this with BeiBei when she nips at me, and it has made a big difference. 

She sleeps on her back, by the way...

BeiBei's area is lookin' a little better these days, so I have to post a picture to redeem the mess that was posted on my blog when we first got her...

Here's a video of BeiBei and Niko (the other neighborhood goldendoodle puppy, that's 1 month older than BeiBei) having a little impromptu play date in the back of Chris's truck.  Can you tell which is which?

If you wanna read more about BeiBei, such as where we got her and how we decided to get a goldendoodle, read my posts:

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