Thursday, February 10, 2011

Counting Sheep

On a budget, it's hard to afford big rugs!  So I find myself having to layer smaller rugs around my house to keep things warm and cozy, literally...our house is freezing in the winter!  I was tired of stepping out of the bed onto the cold floor in the mornings, so I picked up these sheep skins at Sams for $30 each!  I think they frame the bed nicely (I wish I had a wide angle lens to capture it!).

I love the organic shape of hides.  Bedrooms are full of squares, and so it's nice to soften things up a bit.

...and they're perfect for Bei to snuggle up on.

Thanks for checking in.  


  1. Hey Sara! You have the cutest home, and I enjoy following the improvements and work you are doing!! I am loving those fur you mind sharing where you found them? Hope you are doing well:)
    --Haley (Huggins)

  2. Bahaa...I should probaby READ the whole post before I send a message:) I am terrible at just looking at pictures...I do this with magazines too! So sorry...silly me! Feel free to delete (please:)

  3. The sheep skins are from Sam's Club! $30 each.
    My cowhide in our living room is from Paige Albright Orientals.

  4. That's okay! I do it too! Thanks for reading...or looking, I should say!

  5. Hi Sara!

    I love your little house; everything is just perfect! I live in a tiny house too; we just finished a bathroom reno. Stop by the Beach Bungalow sometime and have a look.


  6. Hey girl - Southeastern Salvage has cheap rugs ;-) Like 9x11 for $69. And it was so fun (red zebra-ish for my bedroom). But as always with that place, its hit or miss!



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