Friday, February 18, 2011

A little less prissy, a little more me.

People are always commenting and inquiring about the wall of hats in our dining room.  They were my grandmother hats, and they are all fabulous and unique.

I have loved having them displayed as a focal point in our home, but it was making our dining room so feminine and prissy...especially when paired with our floral rug and floral cafe curtains.  So I x-ed the cafe curtains, for now, and I shook things up a bit with the hat wall.

I made the back wall of our dining room more of a salon wall, with the vintage hats as the main element.  This feels a little more casual to me, and a little more "me".

Don't worry...I know our chandelier is the real downer in our dining room!  Just ask my husband, I complain about it constantly.  But luckily, this weekend we are getting started restoring an old chandelier that was my grandmothers!  It will be much better!  I can't wait!


  1. I love it; can't wait to see the chandelier!

    Have a great weekend, Sara!

    Sue @ Beach Bungalow

  2. Sara this looks amazing!! Wow, I really want your help one day! Hope I get to see you next week!!!



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